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How can we guarantee fertile eggs? Simple.

We are so confident in the quality of eggs produced at Longedge that we offer a quality guarantee*. If 50% of your eggs prove infertile after ten days, then we will send you a new batch free of charge, you just pay the P&P. We regularly check fertility, hatching our own eggs and those purchased by our customers.

If you wish and are able to pick up, we will incubate your eggs for free until hatch. If you want us to hold them and ensure they are eating, drinking and in good health then there is a small charge per week.

We are able to supply from our stock of Silver Grey, White and Cuckoo Dorking and Bearded Silkies.

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our rare chicken breeds


You may know them by their nick-name; fluff-balls, aliens, teddy bear chicks and much more.

Silkies are most defiantly Debbies favourite breed here at Longedge Poultry, with their strange and wonderful appearance, extremely friendly and natural, unfathomable mothering instincts. Debbie specialises in Bearded Silkies in mixed colours.

If you are looking for the perfect backyard pet chicken, Silkies are highly recommended.

The eggs produced by Silkies are white/cream and absolutely delicious to eat with each chicken on average laying 2-4 eggs per week.


The best way that we can describe a Dorking chicken is “the ultimate all-rounder”. 

Dorkings are one of the oldest recorded chicken breeds dating back to the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, they are now classed as a rare and endangered breed, which is why Longedge Poultry are determined to make the Dorking a Backyard favourite and increase the numbers of breeding stock throughout the UK. The most common is the Silver Grey, which we keep, along with the much rarer White and Cuckoo.

Dorkings make a perfect Backyard chicken, they are quiet, calm, docile but playful and easily handled.

Dorking chickens are respectable layers of large, blush tinted white eggs.

Longedge Poultry - suppliers of quality fertile eggs

how many eggs can you supply?

Here at Longedge Poultry we can supply twelve eggs at a time, more with prior notice.

What breed of eggs do you supply?

We can supply to you Bearded Silkies, Silver Grey, White and Cuckcoo Dorkings. If you require a different specific breed, then please contact us and we can source the right egg for the right bird through our network of breeders.

How do you ship the eggs?

Longedge Poultry have patented our own one-size-fits-all packaging system which allows us to use the standard Royal Mail postal service and guarantee that your fertile eggs will arrive safe and intact.
Our specialist packing will soon be available to purchase through our online shop.

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