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Welcome to Longedge Poultry – Your one-stop shop for all your Poultry needs. 

The aim of our website is to inform, support and supply those interested in breeding or keeping chickens, be it for producing eggs, meat or simply as pets.

Our blog pages (coming soon) will help inform you on various topics centred around becoming and being a successful poultry keeper and how to care for your chickens throughout the entire lifecycle plus news and information about upcoming shows and competitions. 

Our online shop is here to provide you with quality products including our own patented egg delivery system – more news on that soon, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on our latest news and products.


Meet the team

Mark Hobbs

“I’ve been breeding chickens now for over 40 years and a regular face in the poultry competitions and shows. 

As a professional Breeder and Keeper, I would like to share my love for caring for chickens with fellow Poultry keepers and anyone starting out or interested in keeping chickens.  

With chickens now more than five times more popular as pets than hamsters, with over a million homes in the U.K. now keeping chickens, the British Hen Welfare Trust rehomes 65,000 birds each year.


Debbie Roberts

“Funnily, as a child, I lived on a turkey farm and was absolutely terrified of poultry, especially fully grown birds for most of my life. 

To help me overcome my fear, and to assist therapeutically with my multiple sclerosis, Mark persuaded me to consider adopting rescue chickens from the British Hen Welfare Trust.

We adopted six Lohmann Browns and I fell instantly in love, watching them grow and provided me with a purpose to get out and care for them. Since then, we have grown our chicken stock with numerous rare breeds, each with their own unique personality.”


Longedge Poultry - here to help you be a better poultry keeper

Fertile Eggs

As suppliers of quality fertile eggs, Longedge Poultry are able to supply you with guaranteed fertile eggs of rare breed chickens. We have various breeds such as Dorkings and Silkies. Contact us to find out what breeds we can supply and any speciality required.

Longedge Incubation Services

Here at Longedge, we are proud of our professional incubation facilities for chicks. We can incubate up to a hundred eggs per week, with half trays (24 eggs) available to rent at a low price.

Safe and Secure Packing

Longedge Poultry have patented our own one-size-fits-all packaging system which allows us to use the standard Royal Mail postal service and guarantee that your fertile eggs will arrive safe and intact.
Our specialist packing will soon be available to purchase through our online shop.

Longedge Incubation Services

Need your eggs hatching?

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