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When it comes to free-range and organic Chickens, Longedge Poultry is your number one stop. Longedge Poultry, Derbyshires premier poultry site.

At Longedge Poultry we know chickens and we know sustainable quality

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Fertile Eggs

If your looking for quality, rare breed Dorking fertile eggs then look no further. Here at Longedge Poultry we keep Silver Grey, White and Cuckoo large fowl Dorkings and maintain a positive hatch rate of 90-95% and so confident in our hens that we offer a fertile egg guarantee service. Check out our page on Fertile Egg Services.

Incubation Services

Profesional incubation services from Longedge Poultry. With over 10 years experience you can rest assured that your eggs are being cared for as if they were our own. Check out our Incubation Services page for further details.

Poultry Shop

Not only do we supply quality fertile eggs and an incubation service, we also have an online shop which stocks everything you will need to raise and keep your chickens and ensure that they have a quality and fulfilled life. Our shop is ideal for professional breeders and Backyard Poultry Keepers. Visit now and see our extensive range.

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"At first I wasnt quite sure what I was after when looking to get my first batch of eggs hatched. I haven't been breeding chickens for long, having a small flock of four brown hens I couldn't justify buying all of the equipment or be confident to do it right. I contacted Longedge Poultry and Mark and Debbie explained the best course of action and invited me around to see the incubation process - after 30 mins I had learnt more than what I had reading every book there is on breeding chickens"
Sara Bailey
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Whether you are an experienced poultryman or a backyard breeder we promise to provide you with a professional service from start to finish. 






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